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Fanny Dunbar Corbusier:Recollections of Her Army Life 1869-1

By: Corbusier, Fanny Dunbar and Patricia Stallard
Price: $29.95

University of Oklahoma Press,2003.
Born in Baltimore in 1838, Fanny Dunbar grew up in Louisiana to a family who survived the hardships of the Civil War. An intelligent, sensitive woman, Fanny experienced a radical life change when she met William Henry Corbusier, a Yankee officer and army surgeon. Her memoir recounts their subsequent forty-eight-year marriage.

The events of Fanny's life are sometimes amusing but more often dramatic. The Corbusiers moved frequently, but Fanny made moving an art form, often selling all the family possessions to avoid high shipping rates. She learned to cope with primitive living conditions and harsh climates. She raised five sons at posts with no schools. But she took her job as a mother seriously, providing her sons with a broad education and a nurturing home.
Hardback, 348 pages.