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Helen Hunt Jackson:Selected Colorado Writings

By: Jackson, Helen Hunt and Mark West
Price: $12.95

In 1873, Helen Hunt left New England for a temporary stay in Colorado on the advice of her physician. In Colorado Springs her health was restored, her literary career flourished, and the personal losses and grief she had suffered were assuaged by her marriage to William Sharpless Jackson. The town remained her primary residence until her death in 1885.
Although initially reluctant to move to Colorado, she was struck by the beauty around her and became an enthusiaastic spokesperson for the state. She used her considerable literary talents to describe the wonders of her new surroundings. Professor Mark West introduces the modern reader to Jackson's eloquent travel descriptions, fiction, and poetry. These selections were written and published while she lived in Colorado Springs and have as their subject either frontier life in Colorado or the natural beauty of the area.
Paperback. 160 pages, illustrated.