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Maverick Women:19th Century Women Who Kicked Over the Traces

By: Laurence, Frances
Price: $18.50

Manifest Publications, 1998.
They were scholars, they were saints, they were sinners... They were determined.In a time when a woman's mind was kept as tightly laced as her corset, these females went against family, friends and convention to blaze trails for their sisters to come.
-- Ina Coolbrith hid a mysterious past
-- Maria Mitchell found her own comet
-- Sojourner truth spoke to God
-- Pearl Hart turned bandit
-- Nellie Cashman was the miners' angel
-- Mary Austen painted the West in words
-- Nellie Bly circled the globe in 72 days
-- Dame Shirley immortalized the '49ers
-- Ann Eliza W. Young fled polygamy
-- Carrie Chapman Catt won women the vote
-- Bethenia Owens-Adair was Oregon's first female doctor
-- The Three Charleys were women masquerading as men.