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Personal Writings of Eliza Roxcy Snow,The

By: Beecher,Maureen Ursenbach
Price: $19.95

Utah University Press,2000.
Perhaps the most famous woman in Mormon history, Eliza Roxcy Snow was a person of high standing and many accomplishments. She married Joseph Smith secretly in 1842 and wed Brigham Young after Smith's death. She was also the sister of Lorenzo Snow, fifth president of the LDS Church. Best known as "Zion's poetess," her prominence also earned her the appellations of "priestess," and "prophetess." Capable of producing a poem for virtually any special occasion, she came to be considered the first lady of Mormon letters, having written, by her own count, nine published volumes. Her leadership among Mormon women is demonstrated by her positions as president of the Relief Society (the church's organization for women), president of the Deseret Hospital Association, and organizer of the Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association, the children's Primary Association, and the Woman's Commission Store.
Paperback,230 pages.