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Women of the Century: Frances Minerva Nunnery

By: Dawkins,Cecil
Price: $19.95

University of New Mexico Press,2002.
Anyone who still believes women are frail, powerless, and incapable of dealing with machinery should read the story of Frances Nunnery, a determined, ingenious entrepreneur whose career and personality defy every stereotype about women. We first meet her as a self-sufficient little girl working on a Virginia tobacco farm, a youngster who, when she got a "lickin," never cried but "stood there as a matter of pride" and took her medicine. At thirteen she went to work at the Heinz plant in Pittsburgh, and at twenty-one she was shipped off to Colorado to be married to a man she didn't know. In 1921 she escaped to New Mexico in a Model T Ford, settling in Albuquerque, where she worked as a chauffeur, bus driver, boarding house keeper, and night club singer, among other occupations. She never stopped working, living all over New Mexico, ranching, working as a deputy sheriff, and selling real estate. Hardcover, 151 pages.