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Women and Warriors of the Plains

By: Tuell,Julia
Price: $18.00

Mountain Press Publishing Company,2000.
In 1906 teenage bride Julia Tuell arrived at Lame Deer, Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation with her schoolmaster husband. Seven years later the Tuells moved to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and lived among the Sioux (primarily the Brule tribe of the Teton Lakota) until 1929. An Eastman Kodak camera became her constant companion when Tuell realized that the Plains Indian culture was changing before her eyes.

She learned the Cheyenne language from the great chief American Horse. Knowledge of the language, along with her empathetic and gentle manner, opened doors barred to nearly all other whites. Tuell was allowed to photograph two sacred religious ceremonies of the Cheyenne and Sioux--the Sun Dance and the Massaum. In 1911 she photographed the last Massaum (Animal Dance) performed by the Northern Cheyenne.

Julia Tuell photographed warriors who fought Lieutenant Colonel Custer, and women who sheltered and nourished children during the hardest days of Plains Indian life. Understanding that all facets of Plains Indian culture were precious and endangered, Tuell recorded the mundane and the magnificent, from women preparing meals to the weathered faces of tribal elders. Paperbacks,182 pages.