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Wild Bunch Women

By: Rutter,Michael
Price: $10.95

Globe Pequot Press,2003.
Explore the lives of the pistol-packing, hell-raising, high-spirited gals who traveled with Butch Cassidy's notorious Wild Bunch gang. Wild Bunch Women tells the stories of the dynamic women who rode the outlaw trail.
Learn about Kid Curry's confidante Annie Rogers, who charmed both the police force and the local ladies' club of Nashville, Tennessee - from a jail cell; mystery woman Etta Place, who sailed to South America with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; Elizabeth Bassett, headstrong big sister to the Wild Bunch who defied traditional gender roles and built a successful ranch; and Fanny Porter, shrewd but kindhearted madam at the outlaws' favorite house of sin.
These women not only made the Wild Bunch's feats of derring-do possible, but also forged their own legends in the tumultuous American West.Paperback, 133 pages.