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The Quilt that Walked to Golden

By: Dallas,Sandra
Price: $29.95

Take a journey back in time and across America's prairies with bestselling author Sandra Dallas. Preserving a unique slice of the history of the American West, Dallas recreates the arduous westward trail of women settling in the emerging mining and farm communities of Colorado Territory.
A master storyteller, Dallas captures the spirit of adventure and drive for survival of America's pioneer women, who often recorded their lives in the quilts and personal documents they left behind. Heart-rending accounts of life and death on the Overland Trail include stories of mothers who lovingly wrapped their children in quilts as burial shrouds. Little-known journals record the day-to-day trials of frontier women, who would sometimes rely on their skills with a needle to help scratch out a living. Letters home tell of sewing and quilting circles that provided momentary release from the isolation of remote farms and mining camps.
As the land became settled, Dallas describes how sewing bees fueled a growing sense of community and were anxiously awaited social events. Later still, quilting and the friendships it nurtured helped women cope through the difficult days of Depression-era America. After a decline in needlework following World War II, women rediscovered quilting during America's celebration of its Bicentennial. Revealing that quilts and quilting traditions serve as an unbroken thread between past and present, Dallas tells how today, thousands of Colorado women--and some men-quilt for pleasure and for artistic expression.
The Quilt That Walked to Golden is beautifully illustrated with colorful quilts from the collection of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Wonderful vintage photographs of early Colorado and of women quilting bring the rich needlework traditions of the American West to life. As a special bonus for quilters, the book includes four complete patterns for traditional quilts.