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Bodie's Gold: Tall Tales & True History from California..

By: Sprague, Marguerite
Price: $34.95

University of Nevada Press,2003.
California’s official Gold Rush ghost town lives again in this vivid account. The discovery of gold deposits in the area helped establish the Bodie Mining District in 1860. With the end of the boom just twenty years later, the town began its long, slow decline, surviving into the twentieth century with a few small but steady mines. Mining ended with World War II, and what remained of the town became a state park in 1964. Whenever possible, author Marguerite Sprague uncovers original sources, from the first mining claims to interviews with Bodieites alive today. Sprague has traced several popular Bodie legends back to their original sources, leading to revisions of beloved myths and a few new stories. Enhanced with numerous historic photographs and quotations from period newspapers, Bodie’s Gold offers a fascinating account of life in a Gold Rush boomtown.
Hardcover,248 pages.