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Deep Enough

By: Crampton, Frank A.
Price: $24.95

University of Oklahoma,1956.
"If you want to discover what it was to be a hardrock miner in the frontier American West from a working stiff’s point of view, you cannot afford to pass up Frank Crampton’s colorful autobiography, Deep Enough. The work is an unusual riches to rags and back to riches tale of a lad of 16 who runs away from his socially prominent New York City family in 1904, bound and determined to make it his own way out in the West. Young Crampton would have made Horace Greely proud....Any person fascinated by the frontier West, and in particular hardrock mining, should invest in this book, as he or she will not call it ’deep enough’ until the volume has been read cover to cover." Nebraska History

"Written in the first person, the book is lively and exciting, with strange and sad experiences, with amusing and humorous anecdotes, and with deep understanding. There are tales of boarding houses, railroads, unions, of prospectors, sheriffs, bankers, Indians, and prostitutes. The reader knows the tales are authentic, and reading the author’s account is almost like being there. Certainly this book ranks among the best of the true stories of the wild, wild West." Lapidary Journal

"This is an enjoyable and valuable firsthand account of Western mining during the early 20th century....It captures both the romance and reality of Western mining during this often neglected period." Annals of Wyoming
Paperback,281 pages.