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Hot Coffee and Other Wild Goose Tales

By: McWilliams, Gary
Price: $20.00

Stone Arts of Alaska,2008.
"Hot Coffee and Other Wild Goose Tales is one man's story, alternately funny and hair-raising, about his life after he dropped out of graduate school in the 1970's and hitch-hiked west to work and travel. How did he survive the underground explosion in the Colorado gold mine? Did the rickety bus, stuck in snow in the high Andes, make it to Cuzco? Did he ever get to Greece by deckhanding on a Greek freighter? A mid-Mississippi shipwreck changed the course, but did not diminish the adventure, of his seafaring episodes with drunken skippers.

Gary McWilliams? chose a working man's life, and worked side by side with an international cast of miners, sailors, and fishermen, crossing paths too with missionaries, smugglers, Amazonian Indians, and Russian scientists. His observations are enriched by his abandoned studies, and it all keeps us turning the pages for more great stories."(Karen Howell) Paperback,
400 pages.