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Making of a Hardrock Miner, The

By: Voynick, Stephen M.
Price: $14.95

Morris Publishing,1978.
Voynick pens a very well crafted account of the gritty work of America's unsung hard rock miners. As a former hard rock miner in a sister operation to the one where Voynick labored, I can vouch for the extreme authenticity of his account - from the wide range of characters, to the daily dangers, to the fatalistic approach to the work.

This book deserves much wider readership. It is a true American classic of the working man - and especially of a dying breed of men imbued with quiet toughness, courage and common sense smarts.

Like Voynick, I later became a magazine writer and photgrapher and had planned to pen a book of my own adventures in the mines. Yet after reading Voynick's work, I realized no one could have done it better.
Paperback, 224 pages.