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Rising from the Plains

By: McPhee, John
Price: $16.00

Rising from the Plains is John McPhee?’s third book on geology and geologists. Following Basin and Range and In Suspect Terrain, it continues to present a cross section of North America along the fortieth parallel—a series gathering under the overall title Annals of the Former World.

Praise“Mr. McPhee? has created a style--blending detailed reporting with a novelistic sense of narrative--and a standard that have influenced a whole generation of journalists.” --Timothy Bay, The Baltimore Sun

“McPhee? rides shotgun across Wyoming in a four-wheel-drive Bronco while the geologist David Love steers, lectures, and reminisces....This instructive account of the geologic West and the frontier West is a delight.”—Evan S. Connell, The New York Times Book Review
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