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Mineral Treasures of the Ozarks

By: Stinchcomb, Bruce L.
Price: $29.99

Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 2014. Chapters include: 1]Introduction. Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) Minerals and Mineral Deposits, 2]It Started with Lead--Galena and Other Lead Minerals, 3]Quartz--Agate and Other Rockhound Delights, 4]Barite and Related Minerals, 5]Zinc Minerals, 6]Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, and Iron Minerals, 7]Calcite and Dolomite, 8]Fluorite and Related Minerals, 9]MVT Minerals from Parts of North America Other Than the Ozarks, and 10]A Few MVT-Type Minerals from Parts of the Globe Other Than North America. Profusely illustrated with color photos. Paperback, 11" x 8 1/2", 160 pages.