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Dryhead Agate

By: Hurst, John T.
Price: $29.95

Published by Agate Treasures, schatzkammerachate Publishing, Boulder, CO, 2012. Chapters include: North American Agates, The Dryhead Agate Mine, The Earliest Dryhead Dwellers, Early Prospectors and Miners, The Dryhead Agate Boom, The Last Miner?, Evaluating Dryhead Nodules, Cutting and Polishing, Fluorescence in Dryhead Agate, Funny Faces, Gargoyles, and Rorschachs, How Do Agates Form? and Author's Farewell and Close-Ups. Well illustrated with very good color photographs throughout, including a section of fluorescent agate photographs. John Hurst died in early 2015. Paperback, 11" x 8 1/2", 90 pages.