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Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver & Other Jewely Metals

By: Newman, Renee
Price: $19.95

International Jewelry Publications, Los Angeles, CA, 2013. Chapters include: 1)Jewelry Metals: Key Facts, 2)Gold, 3)Platinum, 4)Palladium, 5)Silver, 6)Copper, Brass and Bronze, 7)Manufacturing Methods, 8)Real or Fake?, 9)Determining Darat Value (Fineness), 10)Iron, Stainless Steel, Damascus Steel & Tungsten Carbide, 11)Niobium, Titanium & Aluminum: Colorful Alternative Metals, 12)Plating, Coating & Enameling, 13)Responsible Mining and Manufacturing, 14)How Much is Your Jewelry Worth?, and 15)Caring fo Metal Jewelry. Well illustrated with color photos throughout. Paperback, 9" x 6", 136 pages.