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Basins of Silver


By: Twitty, Eric

Basins of Silver


By: Twitty, Eric

Colorado's Great Depression Gold Rush


By: Frank, V. Larry, Jr.

Digging Gold Among the Rockies


By: Ingham, G. Thomas

Gold Camp Called Summitville, A


By: Huston, Richard C.

Great Coalfield War, The


By: McGovern, George S. & Leonard F. Guttridge

Great Revenue and Surrounding Mines, The


By: Gregory, Doris H.

Guide to Lake City Geology


By: Steele, Joe M.

Leadville: A Miner's Epic


By: Voynick, Stephen M.

Mines, Miners, and Much More


By: Paulson, Don

Mining Among the Clouds: Mosquito Range...


By: Gardiner, Harvey N.

Mountains of Silver


By: Smith, P. David

My Home at Present: Life in Mining Bording Houses in the San


By: Vendl, Mark A., Duane A. Smith, Karen A. Vendl

Pikes Peak Partnership, A


By: Noel, Thomas J. & Cathleen M. Norman

Rise of the Silver Queen: Georgetown, Colorado, 1859-1896


By: Leyendecker, L.E., Bradley, C.A., and Smith, D.A.

San Juan Bonanza: Western Colorado's Mining Legacy


By: Ninnemann, John L. & Duane A. Smith

San Juan Gold


By: Smith, Duane A.

Silver Camp Called Creede


By: Huston, Richard C.

Silverton Gold


By: Bird, Allan G.

Snowflakes and Quartz


By: Wyman, Louis

Song of the Hammer and Drill


By: Smith, Duane A.

Speck: Life & Times of Spencer Penrose


By: Olson, Robert C.

Tailings or Treasure: The Mears Wilfley Mill


By: Thayer, David L. & Douglas R.

Tales of the Bachelor Mine


By: Bennett, Jane

Thread of Gold, A


By: Johnson, R. Reed

To the Pike's Peak Gold Fields, 1859


By: Hafen, Leroy R. editor



By: McWilliams, Gary