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101 American Geo-Sites You've Gotta See


By: Dickas, Albert B.

Dictionary of Geology & Mineralogy


By: Geller, Elizabeth, editor

Dictionary of Geology & Mineralogy 2nd edition


By: Geller, Elizabeth (editor)

Falling Stars


By: Reynolds, Mike D.

Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites


By: Norton, O. Richard and Lawrence A. Chitwood

Geology of Utah's Rivers


By: Parry, William T.

Geology Underfoot in Central Nevada


By: Orndorff, Richard L.

Geology Underfoot in Southern Utah


By: Orndorff, Richard L.

Roadside Geology of Idaho


By: Alt, David D.

Roadside Geology of Montana


By: Alt, David

Roadside Geology of New Mexico


By: Chronic, Halka

Roadside Geology of South Dakota


By: Gries, John Paul

Roadside Geology of Wyoming


By: Lageson, David R.