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Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips


By: O'Bannon, Allen and Mike Clelland

Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher


By: Houston, Mark & Kathy Cosley

Avalanche Handbook, The 3rd edition


By: McClung, David & Peter Schaerer

Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountain


By: Volken, M., Schell, S. & Wheeler, M.

Backcountry Snowboarding


By: van Tilburg, Christopher

Colorado Ice Climber's Guide


By: Burns, Cameron M.

Colorado Ice, 2nd edition, vol. 1


By: Roberts, Jack

Forget Me Not


By: Lowe-Anker, Jennifer

How to Ice Climb


By: Luebben, Craig

Ouray Ice Park Guide


By: Anderson, Vince and Cindy Williams

Snowshoeing Colorado


By: Walter, Claire

Snowshoeing: From Novice to Master


By: Prater, Gene, edited by Dave Felkley

Winter Hiking & Camping


By: Lanza, Michael